Guy Cribb Sheet

Прикупил я себе эту резиночку и листик за 5 фунтов стерлингов.Резиночка самая обычновенная, какой девочки волосы завязывают. Только длинная. Длинна резинки 133 см. Пометка Гая находится на 88,4 см от конца. Могу выложить фотки самого листика Гая с обоих сторон. В принципе, очень интересная штука.

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4 Response to "Guy Cribb Sheet"

  1. Says:
    понедельник, февраля 05, 2007

    Could you make a better photo of the sheet, I was trying to buy it, but they can´t send it to Brazil.

  2. Pavel Molchanov / Павел Молчанов says:
    понедельник, февраля 05, 2007

    Guy Gribb hold the rights on it. I you want I can sold you mine :)


  3. Анонимный Says:
    понедельник, февраля 05, 2007

    Is it worth it, or u use only the first time?

  4. Pavel Molchanov / Павел Молчанов says:
    понедельник, февраля 05, 2007

    I used it two-three times when I bought it (like a new toy). Then it became a toy for my cat.

    It's good for initial adjustment (to put the lines in right place before going to the water). Then you will adjust the lines on the water anyway and you don't need it.

    I use it only when I change the lines to the new ones. But in this case you can mark where the lines were before and put new close to the old.

    You can make the ribbon yourself - take a ribbon 133 sm long. Make a mark at 88,4 sm from one side. Put the ribbon on your boom and follow guy's instructions.

    Where are few good recomendations (for ex., about downhaul tension) on the sheet itself, that are easy to remember however.

    I didn't feel very sad because I bought it. But I don't use it frequently either.

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