Винд-серфинг с медведем Бернардом:

2 Response to "Мультик"

  1. Docblogger says:
    понедельник, июля 06, 2009

    Sunday was one of the first picture-perfect days for w-surfing at Heckscher park on LI. Wind speeds were in low 20s, SW=SSW, outgoing tide, warm water, and shining sun.

    Haven't seen any of our compatriots, though...


  2. Pavel Molchanov / Павел Молчанов says:
    вторник, июля 07, 2009

    Sunday was July 4th. There were lots of other activities everythere :) But the day was perfect, true :) May be the best day in last 2 months.

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