Cabarete Classic 2007 - с 26 по 29 июля 2007 г.

Dear friends of Cabarete,
We are happy to update you with the newest information regarding this year's event. This year's event will be even bigger than last year's, and will draw top competitors from all around the world. We have invited TV and news crews from around the country and even abroad to cover the competition, increasing the event's exposure.
The current competition categories are the following:

Pro-kids: 12 years and under
Kids basic: 12 years and under
Girls' division: 12 years and under
Juniors: 13-18
Womens' class: 18 and up
Sport class: slalom
Open class: slalom
Formula division: sport
Formula division: open
Business class : for business developers in Cabarete who have lived here 10+ years
Freestyle division: open
Please also view our newest logo, attached, which will be updated one final time to include the Formula category.

Thanks again for your support, and we will be in touch shortly with more updates.
Best regards,
Pablito Guzman Cabarete Classic team

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